Friends Introduction

Who we are

The ‘Friends’ of Corpusty Primary School are a Registered Charity, Parent/Teacher Association, working closely with the common aspiration of improving and enhancing the school experience for all Corpusty pupils. Friends are made up of parents, carers, family and members of the community who are encouraged to be involved on whatever level they are able to contribute. Our community has a lot of skills to offer.

What we do

By volunteering our time and skills, we support school events and organise fundraising activities including:

  • Contribution to the refurbishment of the school garden.
  • Purchasing of equipment and maintenance of the Station building used as an outdoor class-room with cooking and craft facilities.
  • Purchasing of new reading books, playground equipment, playtime games and classroom equipment, a sandpit and maypole.
  • Funding of an Arts Week for all children which included visiting artists.
  • Funding coaches for class trips.
  • In 2015 Friends will be funding a Science Week for all pupils.

We are constantly reviewing ideas for future projects. There is a Friends suggestion box at school (form also available in the document section online) and we welcome ideas from parents and children as to how Friends can help the school.

How can you help?

You may like to join us at our meetings, 3-4 times a year; everyone is welcome where we discuss upcoming events and plan our funding. We also rely on volunteers to support our events. This may be through providing cakes, manning a stall at one of the fairs, being involved in outdoor events such as the bike ride or sports day. Volunteers can sign up on event sheets on the school notice board.

Keep in touch

  • We have a Facebook page which is updated with event news. You need to request to be a part of this group.

Corpusty Primary School

Norwich Road, Corpusty, Norwich, Norfolk NR11 6QG

Head Teacher: Mr D. Buddle

Tel: 01263 587320 • Email:

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